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High End Apartments

The Masterful Finishers

Building high end apartments is a specialised area of building. Every element of the build needs to scream quality and luxury.

Sunline Group are the perfect partner for any construction company looking for plastering, cladding and carpentry that matches the quality which will attract and keep the right buyers.

Our long history of 25 years in the building industry has given us the opportunity to employ highly skilled tradesmen who not only know their trade but take pride in their work and the finished product.

We are the high quality finish experts who also happen to provide three important elements of any build.

Understanding the impact of not meeting deadlines on a big build is one of our strengths. We guarantee all our work at a fixed price to be completed on time to respect the overall deadline and budget of the construction.

Sunline Group take the job of quality completion of your plastering, cladding and carpentry needs seriously. We give you the confidence and convenience of an organisation with over 25 years building experience.

Luxury and quality on time and on budget

Partner with us to deliver 3 key areas of your build delivering quality finishes on time and on budget

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